Our Vision

AZBR VETS has a vision of helping Veterans in a place where they can relax and enjoy the beauty of the Southern Arizona Desert and the camaraderie of fellow veterans they knew when serving our country. With your help we can do more. 

 Our Veterans need your help.                        Our motto is  “One Hill at a time”                          Our first hill we need to climb is to acquire land and materials to get more boots on the ground. Your help can get the supply lines up and running.

Our Story

We have lived on the Southern Arizona Border for 10 years. In that time many Veterans have come down to our little piece of paradise for up to a week at a time to get away from the challenges they face with readjusting to city life.            

So we decided to help more Veterans and start AZBR VETS. If we can help a few, we can help more with your support.